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Transformation Redefined!

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

You could say we are all in search of something deep within us, sometimes the search is external. But ultimately we are on a journey of transformation whether we choose it or not. It is happening to us and around us constantly. At times we are not even aware of the shifts that are happening. If you are someone who is searching for transformation or hungry for change then I have a thought for you, a new way of seeing yourself as well as others. We know change is a temporary thing it comes and goes. To define the idea of transformation we understand this is a form of change that is lasting. It means what once was no longer exists. We have transformed into something new. Such as a caterpillar and a butterfly. This is one of nature’s defined transformations. The butterfly does not turn back into a caterpillar. Once the struggle of transformation takes place, there is no caterpillar. Now let’s think about this further. Is the caterpillar gone? Or has it morphed into something that it was destined to be. I believe this is what we are searching for, a sense of true evolution of self. Getting the courage and allowing this true nature of who we are potentially destined to be. Now what is different about humans is that more often this will need to be a conscious decision we make in order for this to happen. Sometimes we have extreme events that force this transformation upon us, but as a whole it will more likely be that we choose this by the choices we make moment to moment.

The Lense of Perspective

The lense I am curious if we can look through is the one that transformation is not becoming something you are not right now. Maybe we can think of it more as letting the inside out. We are already what ever we will become. It is not something new in a way. We are just allowing it to be seen and heard in a new way. We are simply allowing what is destined to be. This is the first part. This takes a lot of courage in my opinion, to allow you to be seen. Not just by you but by others. Possibly the scariest things we can do, to be seen by others. Knowing there is an immediate judgment placed on our shift. That it may threaten others in a way that it brings up things for them that are not their best attributes or that it will not be understood. Possibly, others will have the inability to allow themselves to see you as you are in this change and not by who you have been in the past. It is a lot to ask, due to the programing we are all subject to. But if we are willing to do this work and see through new eyes others and ourselves. We are saying we are ready and willing to allow transformation to occur and be seen. Wow… this is huge!

Working with what you got!

Part two is something my wise love taught me yesterday. It is this, we have things about who we are and how we do life that we came in with. Our real work is to work with these things. I know it seems simple or even obvious. But here is where the shift comes. Our work is to work with ourselves in a loving and honest way. To have the keen ability to see our habits our strengths our shortcomings even and start to lean into who we are. It is not change we are in search of, maybe it is just acceptance. Knowing who we are on a real, deep and raw level. To catch ourselves and see we can shift and react differently. To see all that is rooted in our true nature and untapped potential. We have come into the world with a package of gifts and challenges, our work may not be to change them. But better yet, identify with them and begin to accept and work with what we have been given, to make room to add to it all along the way.

Move Inward:

Remember, transformation is everlasting change. What once was no longer exists. Search for this everlasting evolution from within yourself. All that is happening is you are allowing you to come up to the surface and be met by the world. Not everyone will approve or understand. This is not the goal. The goal is for you to allow what is destined and to not block the natural flow of unlimited potential you have been blessed with. Move inward to seek outward expression of who you already are. If there is no room for parts of who you are then you will practice a sense of letting go of potential patterns that really are not serving you any longer. The work is worth it, and it starts with viewing it all through a new lenses of perspective.



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